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Our main purpose is to maximize the health and lives of thousands of children and families with corrective chiropractic care while bettering the health of our community. 

Drs. Ryan & Charmin Gans are dedicated chiropractors who specialize in treating pregnant mothers, newborns, children and families. Both are highly trained and educated; completing their Doctor of Chiropractic degrees at Logan College of Chiropractic, Fellowships with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, Certifications in Webster's Turning Technique (which gently helps a baby turn on its own if it is in a breech position), as well as, attending several seminars year round to ensure the latest technology and advancements in chiropractic are used. 

They are available for free spinal screenings, scoliosis screening and speaking engagements on a variety of health related topics and speak regularly in the community. 

  • Carol Reece
    Chiropractic Assistant (C.A.) & Billing Specialist

    She and her family have been under chiropractic care since 2005.

    'I have been getting adjusted since July 2005.  Since becoming a chiropractic patient I have had great improvement in my health.  I used to have headaches 3 to 4 times a week.  Now, I might have 1 a month.  The best improvement for me has been my allergies & I.B.S..  I've suffered with allergies since  I was about 3 years old.  Over the last 33 years I have been on several different medications and sprays for allergies.  Around mid-August (2005) I noticed tremendous improvement with them.  In the last 8 months I have only used allergy spray twice. In 1992, I was diagnosed with I.B.S., my regular adjustments and better nutrition has improved my symptoms 90-95%.  It is wonderful to be healthier and drug-free!! 

    I have learned chiropractic care is a life long commitment, and one I intend to keep!  I recommend chiropractic care to everyone of all ages!

  • Mary Gans
    Secretary & Financial Manager

    She and her family have been under chiropractic care since 1996.

    'During my first pregnancy 38 years ago I started knowing lower back problems. Five different doctors said a hysterectomy would solve my problems. I didn't want to do that. I also experienced continued headaches and would take a minimum of 4 aspirin daily. After regularly attending my chiropractic visits, I seldom experience either anymore. The adjustments have helped with kidney infections and allergies. For the first time in my life I don't have to get cortisone for my poison ivy, oak or sumac. My immune system is helping me to naturally fight these as well as my sinus problems. I have not been to a medical doctor for five years. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure nine years ago and after 1 year on the medications I noticed some side effects I didn't like so I stopped taking them. I took hormones for 1 year during menopause and did not like the risks so I also stopped these.

    I feel the healthiest I have ever been in my life thanks to chiropractic care.'


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I don't have back pain anymore. I can run faster without stopping. I don't need my inhaler for my breathing. I have fewer asthma episodes. I can play basketball better. Chiropractic helps you maintain a better immune system. You won't have to pay as many doctor bills for check ups at the hospital."
    Brett / Festus